Thursday , November 26th 2020
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CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Knife – Staff Review

CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Knife – Staff Review

Reasons You Should Consider Every Day Carry (EDC) Knives.

When I was growing up I often carried around with me a small pocket knife. These ranged from small Swiss army knives to any of a host of generic branded folding pocket knives. While I was younger I never really gave much thought as to why I might carry such a knife, perhaps in the 80’s I just thought it was the “cool” thing to do.

However as I got older I found myself still carrying a knife with me just about everywhere I went. Regardless of whether or not I “needed” one I felt a level of comfort when I had it with me. I usually chalked this up to that nostalgic feeling of my childhood, but was there actually more to it then that?

Let us take a quick look at what I know today that I did not know when I was younger and why you should consider carrying a knife with you at all times.


What Can an Every Day Carry Knife do for you?

Utility Knife – At the very least, a pocket knife or a utility knife such as Leatherman Tool can offer basic utility functionality. This can often include just cutting open a box, usage during a fishing or camping trip, or opening a can of food on the go. There are hundreds of uses for a good knife and no multi-purpose knife will ever sit idle for too long.

Emergency Knife – Often the best reason to have a knife is just because you may actually need to have one during some form of emergency. While there are many varying degrees of emergencies, there are several that come close to mind. One of the leading issues where knives save lives is during an automobile accident. The ability to quickly cut through a cars seat belt can make the different when trying to evacuate a car quickly. These emergency situations are often filled with panic and disorientation and having a knife you can trust is comforting as well.

Defensive Knife – Not everyone out there is going to learn how to become a champion knife fighter, but having something to defend yourself with, especially the ladies, can often be enough to make an attacker think twice and provide you enough time to run. For those of you who do take personal defense more seriously consider checking if there are classes in your area to teach basic knife defense classes.

Enjoyment Knife – There are tons of hobbies and personal enjoyment issues that require a good knife. Just imaging trying to carve a wooden spoon without one. Some of the more beautiful handcrafted artwork I have ever seen has come at the hands of someone who carved by hand with only a pocket knife. Even if carving isn’t your thing perhaps you can just use the knife to shave the bark off of your marshmallow sticks during your camping trip.

Regardless of your reason for carrying a knife with you, we are confident that you could find more uses then you thought you might have originally considered. Take a few minutes to consider all that you could actually count on a knife for.


Consider The CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade EDC Knife.

One of my favorite knife companies has to be the Columbia River Knife and Tool Co. I just love the CRKT knives as they have been quickly becoming some of my favorite knifes to add to my growing knife collection.

This Every-Day-Carry (EDC) knife is no different. Like all the knifes that CRKT puts out this knife if well built, fits my hands very nicely, and is a joy to handle. The Siwi is also just the right size knife for my wife or daughter to use easily.

It comes with their standard glass-reinforced nylon hard shell case with grommet holes so that you can attach it to your favorite gear.

Blade measures just over 3 inches, with an overall length of 7 inches, which still makes this knife easy enough to hide and do damage to an attacker in the event of an emergency.

This EDC can also be used quite nicely for more mundane tasks such as opening boxes and wood carving if that’s your thing.

Made from a high grade SK 5 carbon steel along with a G10 handle make this a great knife for just about any task you can put it too.

This knife only weighs in an roughly 6 ounces, making it a delight to carry, barely even notice you have it on you.


CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Knife
CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Every Day Carry Knife
Great EDC knife from a great knife making company. Compact design, heavy duty handle and sheath, along with great fit and finish. The lightweight every day carry knife can pack a punch when needed and still handle any day to day stuff you might choose to put it through. Well thought-out, and designed tactical knife has made it a favorite with retired and active police and military alike. Wonderful addition to any collection.
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CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Knife: Compact and Lightweight Black Tactical Knife with Carbon Steel, Plain Edge Blade, G10 Handle and Glass Reinforced Nylon Sheath Case


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