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Emergency Food Ration Bar – Datrex 3600 Staff Review

Emergency Food Ration Bar – Datrex 3600 Staff Review

Let’s face it folks, these are considered an “Emergency Food Ration”, they are not candy bars, protein bars, or anything other then what they claim to be. These are simple, basic food items that are meant to be eaten when you have pretty much nothing else to eat.

When it comes to emergency food ration supplies you have to keep a couple of key factors in mind. As we take a look at this food bar, lets keep these following factors in mind:

Reason of purchase: Emergency Food Ration

Value of Purchase: Excellent

Shelf-life: 5+ years

Quality of Packaging: Decent

Quality of Taste: Fair

Overall Review Rating: 85%


Why You Should Buy the Datrex Emergency Food Ration Bars.

The point of emergency rations is that you hope in part to never need to eat them. Their sole purpose is to sit on a shelf, collecting dust and waiting for those “Sh!t Hit The Fan moments” where you are likely going to run out of the food supply you already have at home. I easily have two or three months of regular food on hand at all times anyways. So these are likely going into my closet for long term storage. Which I am ok with as they come with a designated 5 year shelf life.

Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar – 3 Day/72 Hour Bar – Single Pack

These food bars are an excellent buy of you are looking to supplement an even larger food storage option. They are small, easily storable and light enough to take with you. Please note that freeze-dried food may be an even better option for those who are more concerned about weight restrictions, such as those carrying these with them during hunting or hiking trips.

Make sure you consider adding these bars as an addition to an existing preparedness meal plan as each bar is roughly 200 calories per bar (with an Nature Valley Out and Honey bar containing 190 per bar).

Each box comes with 18 bars for a total of 3600 calories per box. For comparison a Big Mac meal with fries and a soda should net you roughly 1200 calories, but there may not be any restaurants open when disasters strike. The cost of one box generally runs between $5-10 dollars in the US. This makes them average close to 2 bars for a dollar which makes them a considerably better buy then even your average candy bar.

Keep in mind also that these bars will not need to cooked or prepped in any way. Unlike most candy bars these are not going to melt in your pockets either on those hot summer hikes.

The Datrex 3600 bars actually taste pretty decently, at least for those who like coconut flavor. Not quite as close to cardboard as one would expect from emergency rations as this price point. These have a pleasant cookie like texture. While you might be tempted to consider other bars, such as granola bars you may need to check for comparison of a few other issues such as:

Allergies – The Datrex bars do not contain any nut or GMO products

All Natural – contains no artificial preservatives

Heck even your average granola bar can’t always make these promises. Check out my favorite granola bars here: Nature Valley Granola Bars, Crunchy, Oats and Honey, 1.49 Ounce , 12 Count (Pack of 6)

One medical concern you may wish to track will be those people who have Diabetic related issue. These bars do not contain large amounts of sugar. For Diabetics who need to keep sugars down during a disaster crisis this works well. For myself, I suffer from the opposite problem of Hypoglycemia where my sugars often become dangerously low. This means that these bars alone will not raise my sugar enough on their own to prevent low blood sugar drops. So if you have a sugar problem, make sure that you account for these factors in your own meal plans.

These food bars can also be crumbled into a power and added to a little bit of hot water. This will make a small meal with about the consistency of grits or paste. This can be helpful for those cold nights where a warm meal may also be a moral booster.

These bars do come individually sealed so that you will not have to open the entire box all at once.

As the cost of one box is very reasonable, you should ideally buy and try out these bars before ordering them in massive bulk quantities. Check with friends or family if they would like to consider trying some of these as well.

If you like these bars take a few with you from time to time. Toss a few in your purses or camping gear just to make sure you have some form of food with you at all times. When it comes to having smaller, snack-like bars to incorporate into your meals these do make a great addition to your food pantry.


Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar Review
Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Ration Bar
Great tasting (coconut flavored) small sized food rations. Box contains 3600 calories and they make a great addition to your food storage pantry. They will last a long time, easy to transport (individually wrapped), and are a great value for your wallet.
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86 %

Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar – 3 Day/72 Hour Bar – Single Pack

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