Wednesday , October 27th 2021
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hat is Fight or Flight Response – How It Works For You

fight or flight image for Survival Gear Shoppe

Fight Or Flight as it Applies to You

Have you heard of fight or flight response? Ever found yourself checking over your shoulder as you walked through the park at night? Was there really someone following you? or was it just your imagination? What was that no... Read more

Survival Gear Shoppe has a new favicon. Guess what is says…..

Survival Gear Shoppe custom favicon

Just finished working on a new, yet small Favicon. That's the little image that shows up in the browser tab. But since it is kind of hard to read by itself here is a much larger version for all to see.   Read more

Emergency Food Ration Bar – Datrex 3600 Staff Review

datrex emergency food ration bar

Let's face it folks, these are considered an “Emergency Food Ration”, they are not candy bars, protein bars, or anything other then what they claim to be. These are simple, basic food items that are meant to be eaten when you have pretty much nothing else to eat. When ... Read more

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