Sunday , March 7th 2021
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Welcome To

Welcome To

Hello and Welcome to Survival Gear Shoppe.

I would like to take a moment to thank you for visiting our new website covering topics related to everything needed for preparedness survival.

There is much more to “Prepping” then many people realize and not everyone is hunkered down in a bunker hiding away from “big Brother”.

The concept of “survival” should by its very nature implies that one needs to encounter bad times and to somehow come out on top during a bad situation.

With that in mind we have created this website, where we will discuss everything that is needed to “survive” in the modern world.

These topics will include such issues as:

  1. Surviving a natural disater
  2. Keeping your head above water during economically hard times
  3. Protecting your children from those who would do them harm
  4. Creating a Food storage plan in case of emergencies
  5. What gear and supplies you might need for an emergency
  6. When to provide emergency aid for yourself and your family
  7. Learn to provide food for your family, cheap and efficiently
  8. How  not to panic during a SHTF event
  9. Training topics, Food topics, Gear Topics, Wilderness survival and much, much more…

Along the way we hope that you the reader will gain insight and understanding about how and why even the average person should consider themselves as “becoming more prepared” for what may happen down the road of life.

– Derek

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

― Benjamin Franklin


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